Student HONORS


9-12-17: Congratulations to the following Homecoming candidates: Freshmen: Shaina Culp and Brilyn DeVers, Sophomores: Halle Clement and Treyton Plummer, Juniors: Amanda Bohannon and Zane Weston, and Seniors: Pheobe Gard, Kaitlynn Grasty, Shandy Rauch, Cole Alloway, D.J. Beaderstadt and Tyler Steele!

9-15-2017: Congratulations to Homecoming Queen Phoebe Gard and King D.J. Beaderstadt!

11-15-2017: Congratulations to Cole Alloway for making All Conference and All District Linebacker!

12-5-2017: Congratulations to Tucker Schwebach for being selected to the All-Tournament Team at Mound City!